Wednesday, February 9, 2011

busy busy day

So yesterday I didn't manage to get to the bisquick mix, the day was just too busy/hectic. I did make the roast so I will be canning beef stew in the next couple of hours. But check this out, I didn't have any beef bones to make the beef broth....but I did have ham hocks, so I made ham hock broth, it tastes divine, add that with the roast that is already done, mmmm hmmm. The broth came out with almost zero fat in it.

                                         This is a pic of straining the cooked and cooled broth:

This is a pic of the broth after it has been strained:

So that looks, smells, and taste like some pretty awesome broth. I also took some time last night to work on a household project that I have been needing to do without realizing I needed to do:

Ok so whats the big deal about a three ring binder right? Well this is a household binder. I can put calendars in here, schooling type stuff in here, list of phone numbers and addresses, coupons, bills to be paid, Daily/weekly/monthly chores that need to be done in here, Drs. Appt's, seriously I think that this thing will be a beneficial item once I get a few things added to it. It was so simple: a three ring binder you have laying around, some tab dividers, paper to write on, a hole puncher, I used ziploc bags to put grocery and household coupons in one and restaurant and clothing coupons in another. My desk was super disorganized before I made this, now its bare. I can put so much stuff in here, that I won't have to spend the time looking in this or that drawer to find the one thing I need now. Oh My Gosh! Mine is plain right now but... you can add decorative paper and basically anything you want to it, manuals for appliances, shopping lists, projects that you want to do with the steps and supplies listed. I don't know how many times I have seen something on sale and didn't buy it because I didn't know that a project would call for that item. With 4 kids and numerous responsibilities and tasks this I believe will help me get more organized and run the household stuff more efficiently! YAY!!!

Ok well gotta run and get on this beef stew and bisquick stuff.

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