Friday, February 18, 2011

UGH this week

Ok I have had a great week, but have been so incredibly busy that I think I might lose my mind. Kids all got haircuts, got my car fixed ordered a excalibur 9tray dehydrator. Won an older DS and 4 mario games off of ebay, ordered some books off of Amazon. My car was like $900 to fix!! I thought it was the transmission going out, no it was the cattalitic convertor, and the intake gaskets, and the filters through-out the car. Great news was I have a super car now! All the kids and hubby got new shoes. My cat is going in to be spayed today in just a few minutes actually, maybe things will slow down this weekend. Oh yeah there is a gun show this weekend I think that we are going to crap. Oh well maybe next week.

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