Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday cheese and Amish Store Monday

So I made the Velveeta it was a bit too creamy next time I will use less sour cream. I am going to can it later today or in the morning. Here are some pics of it:

Also today I went to an Amish Store. That place was amazing! I picked up a number of items, but also felt comfortable enough to talk to the owner of the place to ask about placing large bulk orders of hard red winter wheat berries.Good news is I can get 50 pound sacks of it for $25.75. I will have to place it in my Mylar bags with o2 absorbers myself, but can get 200lbs for $103!!! And the place is 4 miles outside of town. I also bought a cheap manual grain mill there just a practice model, until I can afford a better one. Here are some pics of what I got:

Enough with the pics I really think I hit the jackpot at this store. Fountain Acres Foods is the name of the store. They don't have a phone number. Or a website. If I buy the 50 pound sacks of wheat berries I get them for 52cents a pound. They are certified chemical free. I ordered 4-50 lb sacks of the hard red wheat, and 1 50lb sack of spelt. They will be in next week!   

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  1. That is incredible!! I wish I had an Amish store near me! I'm new to all of this, too, so I look forward to reading what you're doing!