Monday, February 7, 2011

Dry Cocoa

I made some dry cocoa today! I saved it using a mason jar but didn't get out the food saver attachments as 1 qt I gave to my aunt 1 qt I kept and a pint I gave to my dad. Got to talk to both of them about prepping. Also talked a bit about maybe moving out to the farm in the very near future.

I made some rice pudding with raisins and had some bean burritos for lunch. The rice pudding was actually really good. Tuesday I will be working on Bisquick mix and funnel cake mix. The funnel cake mix will be a good thing for when the kiddies want a little something sweet, and time is short. I am also going to go to the library and see what types of cookbooks they have for making mixes in jars.

I am currently making some broth and tomorrow I will be making some roasts. On Wednesday I plan on using the broth and roasts to make some homemade beef stew and can that. I also made up about 10 gallons of laundry soap, which once mixed with water when I add it to my laundry bottles will give me 20 gallons of soap.

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