Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skill of the week: Dry Mixes

This weeks skill I will be working on is making up dry mixes. I have never made my own Bisquick, or powdered cocoa mixes. I have made oral re-hydration solution (thanks RM). I am also going to be using my food saver attachments and o2 absorbers for the first time this week. There is a sale on strawberries at a grocery near me this week as well, so I will try my hand at making some home-made strawberry jam/jelly.

I am trying to learn things that don't really require too much money, or going outside in the frigid temps we have been stuck in all winter. Every little thing I can do that will add to my preparedness skills will be a blessing. I am hoping to learn more about this blog and be able to at least post some pictures. We will see how well that works out.

There are many things I would like to do but do not yet have the equipment needed to do those things. I am going to be purchasing a dehydrator in the next couple of weeks. I want an excalibur but may end up getting a Nesco model instead. I have heard of people just using their ovens to dehydrate things, I just really want a dehydrator.

On a more personal note I went to the skates tonight with my kids. My 11 yr old son kept telling me he could beat his mom, so I convinced the guy to let us race... I won and my son is a poor sport. It was exhilarating flying around the rink and not having to go slow. I was laughing the whole time, maybe that's why the son was so upset. I wasn't laughing at him just at the feeling, of going so fast. Next time I will have to let him beat his poor old mom in a race I guess. I can be pretty competitive. So tomorrow I will be making cocoa mix, and with any luck I can post some pics of that.

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